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Things you should keep a secret
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Things you should keep a secret

Don’t tell everyone everything. Now, this doesn’t mean what you think. I’m not talking about lying or being dishonest with people, I’m simply saying that you don’t need to constantly tell people all the things that are happening in your life.

Here are few things that you need to keep personal;

Your inner thoughts

What you think about certain topics should be your believe and not what you try to inculcate into others. For instance, your thought about some spirituality issues, life or death would bring so much reactions of diverse kinds when you choose to make them a topic for discussion. Learn to understand that your thoughts are your interpretation and not the objective truth or you may likely get into some ill outcomes on such arguments.

Your goals

When you share your goal you feel an instant sense of relief, as though you had already accomplished what it was that you were setting out to do. This is what we call the ‘social reality’.

Unfortunately, this satisfaction then tricks your brain into thinking that the job is already done – and you then feel less motivated to actually go out and really achieve the goal. It’s like it has already happen!

Your lifestyle 

Certain details about your personality such as; your religious life, overcoming a bad habit, etc. are not of any concerns to the world. It’s not worth it to put your emotional conditions out to all. Expecting appraisals from people is not necessary.

The good deeds you did

Be a good person but don’t waste your time proving it. We all do good things in our life but continuously talking about it can drive people away. It’s also disrespectful to others, as you are saying you are better than them. You are supposed to be a good person.


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