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Things You Can Relate When You Talk Too Much

If you are a person who talks too much and has no control over his chatty mouth — then for you the struggle is real. People often ask you to shut up but no matter what they say your habit of non-stop blabbering won’t stop. And if truth be told, this is what makes you everyone’s favorite!

Here we have listed down few things every chatterbox will relate,

People often tell you to take a break when you talk


“Saans lelo please”

People have challenged you to stay quiet for a minute to check if it’s possible


“Sirf 2 minute chup reh kar dekhao”

Your parents were told in Parent Teacher Meetings that you talk too much in class


“Poori class ko disturb karti hai yeh, har waqt baatein”

You put your friends in trouble along with you


Because of your on and on chattering you often put yourself and your friends in trouble. And even changing your seat won’t help much because you can talk to literally anyone!

And once in a blue moon when you decide to shut your mouth, Everyone still loses it


“Kuch hua hai?” “Kisi ne kuch bola hai?” “Ghar mai sab theek hai?” “Akhir aj chup kese ho?”

You don’t even realize how much you talk


“I don’t know why people say I talk too much though I only talk to people I like you know, do you also think I talk too much? I might talk a lot but us Maryam ko dekho! Wo bhi tou kitna bolti hai!”

You don’t need to worry about any awkward silence moments — You got it!


No matter what people say, but you are always their favorite one to hangout!


Regardless of your continuous blabbering people really enjoy your company because you bring fun to every gathering!

Keep talking and spread love!

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