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This British Pakistani turns baker for NHS frontline medical staff

A British Pakistani biotechnology professional has started baking to show appreciation to the National Health Service (NHS) workers who are fighting COVID-19 at the frontline to save lives.

Hana Malik, a professional working at a biotechnology company in Mayfair, has made cakes in her spare time for local hospital staff as a token of support and appreciation.

More than 150 NHS frontline workers have died fighting COVID-19 in about two months.

Hana Malik has been making cakes, cupcakes and other products for charity events, her family, and friends but now she has started making cakes for local NHS staff.

Malik wanted to show her and the wider communities’ appreciation for the dedicated doctors, nurses, radiographers, porters, and all other staff at the local NHS hospital, Whipps Cross.

She asked a neighbour of hers who works as a radiographer at the hospital if she can make them some cakes, cupcakes, and was delighted when the staff said they would love it.

She baked over 100 cupcakes, lemon drizzle cakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Madeira cakes, and other treats at her home. The cupcakes were decorated in different ways, including with the colours of the rainbow that has become synonymous with the NHS. Hana donated all the cakes to Whipps Cross Hospital staff.

Speaking to Geo.tv, Hana said: “I was honoured to help the staff who are all doing a fantastic job at this very difficult time. I am very happy to help bring smiles to the staff at Whipps Cross, and hope I and all of us can do more to support the NHS staff and key workers.”

She said the staff were very kind and sent many messages of thanks and pictures of them enjoying the cakes, including one which said, “These cakes caused smiles everywhere in the hospital. It certainly raised the mood all over the hospital. Thank you, Hana, for your hard work and making a difference”. Annother said, “Thank you for all the effort, I was admiring the cakes and they were equally delicious.”

“My parents have instilled values of community and helping others; and who better to show gratitude to at a time like this, if not the NHS. The NHS staff have shown how great they are and how they are risking their lives for us daily and we are all indebted to them. Also, as a British Pakistani, I have seen the effect that Covid-19 has had on the BAME community, this made me want to get involved, even more, I am happy I was able to raise morale and let the staff know we are all thinking of them,” Hana added.

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