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This man in Multan is feeding people for just Rs.10 a meal

Food items prices have increased massively over the past few months owing to the rising inflation in the country. While eateries are increasing their prices to cope with the ongoing situation, some people are going out of their way to accommodate the deserving ones.

Sadiq Jamil is one of such caring and kind people. He has set up a food stall offering a meal for a mere Rs.10. His food stall at MDA Chowk, Multan offers daal (lentils), rice, roti, and mithai only for Rs. 10.

Jamil has set up this stall for those who cannot afford three meals a day. According to Jamil, more people should step up and offer affordable food stalls near railway stations, hospitals, and bus stations.

He himself is physically impaired. He says he wants to do something to make a difference.

Jamil’s regular customer, a rickshaw driver, says: The stall has made my life easy and I come here every day to have lunch and even take food home for my family.

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