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This Pakistani makeup artist’s transformation into Maleficent will leave you shook

Makeup artist and stylist, Shoaib Khan is a talented guy; one look at his Instagram account will tell you that.

That said, we still couldn’t believe our eyes looking at his latest post in which he transformed himself into Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent.

The overall look and the attention to detail is certainly impressive.

Shoaib went for a stark deep contour to resemble Jolie’s enhanced cheekbones while also keeping the signature red pout of the sorceress. He added a pop of yellow to the brow bone which is his own addition, although it does make us see the inspiration from Maleficent’s spells which carry that hint of yellow within the evil green. We also notice the red on the nails that match the lippie and we say yes!

Teach us your contouring skills, Shoaib!

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