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This well known designer just said dressed up woman can be depressed inside

A pretty controversial upload was made on Sabyasachi’s social media handle recently.

Quoting the character of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations, he basically tried portraying overdressed women, those wearing a significant amount of makeup and heavily dressed in jewellery, as emotionally wounded and in need of empathy. Have a look:


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After receiving criticism, the designer has now posted an explanatory statement, which he feels was a must to share.

“The true essence of the post was to ask people to be aware, empathetic, and not judgemental of peoples` personal clothing choices, which could be a manifestation of their internal anguish,” read the statement.

The designer eventually apologised to fans and followers.”When I was creating this jewelry collection, I referred to Tagore`s `Monihara` because it talks about these issues, which are sadly more relevant today. And I, for one, have never shied away from speaking about uncomfortable truths, no matter how disruptive it might be for my personal gain. Because when power is given, social responsibility should not be shunned,” read the statement.

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