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Thoughts we all have from the time we sleep to finally waking Up!

Just 5 mins more sleep is the best thing in the world. There are days when I question the need to come out of bed. I mean yes, we’ve got to earn our living and not die hungry, but come on, the feeling of sleeping without any care in the world is the BESTESTEST feeling ever! And you know what? I’d give anything to curl back under my blanket and ditch work for a couple more hours of sweet sleep.

Alas! Reality seems to disagree…but at least you and me can agree on these 11 thoughts that we have right from the moment we hit snooze on our alarm clocks to finally getting our ass out of bed.

1. Is it 7 a.m. already? How?

2. It feels like I closed my eyes just a couple of minutes back and now I have to wake up! (Cries internally)

3. 15 minutes later… I don’t even remember the alarm ring. When did I hit snooze?

4. It’s cool, my body needs rest. I will start exercising from tomorrow. *Snoozes the alarm once more and dives under the blanket*

5. Wait, what? I just hit snooze for 15 minutes! How can they already be over?

6. God, it’s 7:30! I don’t want to wake up. Ek din late jaana banta hai.

7. Finally at 7:45…Fine world, you win! You and your stupid early morning meetings!

8. Btw, that was such a cool dream I had right now. Let me see if I can go back into it if I close my eyes just for two minutes more…

9. 8 a.m… Shit, shit, shit! I could have gone to GYM!

10. *still groggy* Chalo, let’s start the day. Sigh!

So can you guys relate?

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