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Top 5 movies of Robin Williams that made us laugh.

Robin’s performance throughout his career was a form of inventive individuality and amazing comic timing. I used to think that drama is the most difficult genre of acting, but I was under the wrong impression. Comedy is most difficult to pull off, and Robin did it with his heart and soul. But unfortunately, he left us and left his legacy of 42 years in the industry. Let’s go over the movies that made us laugh and made us love him even more.

  1. Good morning, Vietnam.

The movie is based on an RJ who is deployed at Armed Forces Radio Station in Saigon, Vietnam. During the time of the Vietnam war. Who then becomes popular among the troops but infuriates its supervisors. The story is relatively based on RJ Adrian Cronauer, who was posted at AFRS.

  1. Doubt Fire.

I remember watching the Indian adaptation of this movie and later my friend told me about the original one. That’s where Robin Williams came into my life. Playing a double role is not an easy job but Robin does it so effortlessly. It received an academy award for the best makeup in the relevant category.


  1. Aladdin.

Our childhood wouldn’t be complete without Aladdin. In school, we had a movie period and we used to watch it over and over again. Aladdin was one of the few animated movies of its era and that time it was a big deal.


  1. Patch Adams.

It is based on a true story about Dr. Hunter also known as Patch Adams. In the movie, Robin depicts the character of a doctor who had an unconventional way of treating patients which is not accepted by the Dean of the medical college. Throughout the movie, his acting makes you laugh and emotional. Movie Munna Bhai MBBS is based on Patch Adams.

  1. World’s Greatest Dad.

Robin had always proved his diversity through his characters. In this one, he plays the character of a dad who fakes a suicide note after his son’s death. In this black comedy-drama, Robin has a fear of ending up alone and fights his anxiety.

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