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Trailer for new live-Action “Lion King” is here but something is different about it

Disney just released trailer for the live-action Lion King and people have gone crazy. But something is different or odd about a certain character and people are not happy.

This new remake has a lot to live up to, but there’s no denying that so far, everything looks pretty stunning. 

But people are fighting. Not about the lack of scenes and dialogues in the trailer, which I personally feel short changed. No, people are fighting about original icon Scar. Yes people are not happy about the look of Scar’s character. 

A reminder, in the animated version of The Lion King, Scar is flamboyant, he’s sassy, he’s a flawless icon and cheesy. In simple language Scar is a total mean girl. 

But in the new live-action trailer, Scar looks like he’s been through some difficult journey. He looks like he’s sick of everybody’s. In fact, he looks a little sick and tired, which is totally opposite of what his character used to be in animated version. There’s a lot of focus on Scar’s hair in particular.

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