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Traveling can make you happier than getting married, according to a study!

Although there are those who differ from this, a study of the Booking Portal ensures that traveling produces more happiness than getting married and having children.

The mere fact of planning and living the experience produces a satisfaction that will always remain in our memories.

It frees the mind, relaxes us and renews us to be able to face the return to the routine in a less stressful way.

A quick survey was carried out to 18,000 thousand inhabitants of different countries of the world, where the majority indicated that the memories of their adventures and trips bring them greater happiness than anything else on earth. How incredible!

There were many coincidences, most responded that they preferred to spend their money on experiences and travel, instead of buying anything else that is material.

A detail to highlight is that most indicated that the happiness that gives them travel is more durable than any other.

For something they say that traveling is changing clothes to the soul, it literally renews us and makes us happy.

So are you getting married or travelling this winter? 😉

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