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Truly amazing places you must visit before you die!

We’ve whittled it down to twenty amazing places to see abroad before you die. Pick one or pick them all you can’t go wrong.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

pyramids of giza

As the only one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World still largely intact, the Pyramids of Giza are definitely worth a visit. Dating back to around 2,560 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza stood as the tallest man-made structure for over 3,800 years.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

salt flats

This massive salt flat–the largest in the world–spans a massive 4,086 square miles. Formed by several ancient lakes, this salt flat becomes so reflective in the rainy season that it’s used to calibrate satellites. It’s effectively the world’s largest mirror and a breathtaking sight.

Shangrila resort, Skardu in Pakistan:
Shangrila Resort — S.M.Bukhari's Photography

After Jaglot on the Karakoram Highway, a narrow road turns towards Skardu. During the seven-hour journey, one is greeted with several streams, springs, and the hospitality of the local people.

Concordia, Pakistan:

Deosai_Plateau_2This Mountaineers paradise is located in the extreme north of Pakistan along the borders of China. Pakistan bears five of the tallest 14 mountain peaks of the world, and four of these can be seen from Concordia.

 The Great Wall of China, China

great wall of china

This massive, man-made wall stretches thousands of miles long. Not only does the marvelous structure leave many visitors scrambling to pick up their jaws knowing it was made by human hands, but it’s atop a mountain ridge that delivers awe-inspiring views of the area.

Istanbul, Turkey




Straddling Asia and Europe, Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist attractions full of stunning islands, hundreds of years old mosques, Ottoman palaces, and vibrant markets. Add Istanbul to your bucket list of places to visit before you die.

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