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Types of face masks you need in your skin care routine!

Below are four completely different types of face masks that every girl should try at least once. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite!

1) Antioxidant Mask

Antioxidants can help counteract environmental stresses such as pollution, exhaust gases, smog and more. Look for masks with antioxidants such as Vitamin C, green tea or reservatrol to help your skin fight off aging. Apply after cleansing for a few minutes to let it sink in, then rinse off thoroughly and follow with moisturizer.

2) Gel: Missha Gel Sheet Mask

A step up from cotton, a gel mask is another type of single-use sheet mask you should try. One of the great things about them is that they just mold onto your face like a second skin!

Usually these types of masks are two-piece, which just means the mask is split into a top and bottom portion to better fit all face structures.

This one from Missha is great for fading scars and improving elasticity of your skin. The snail mucin in the mask helps produce collagen for your skin, which also adds to the “slimy” texture of the mask. The thought of voluntarily putting snail mucin on one’s skin admittedly doesn’t sound great, but if it helps fade those acne scars, I’m all for it!

3) Leave-On: Cosrx Leave-On Face Mask

Now this next one is great for when you want soft and hydrated skin the next day!

Leave-on masks are most commonly used for hydrating the skin. These are especially great in the winter when your skin needs that extra boost! This one from Cosrx is perfect for those days when you need to balance out your dry skin. Featuring a mixture of rice water, this mask’s benefits range from fading of dark spots to tightening pores.

4) Charcoal Mask

A clay mask made with charcoal is a great way to minimize the appearance of your pores particularly if you have very oily skin. Garnier Clean+ 2-in-1 Pore Purifying Mask is formulated with charcoal to draw out impurities like a magnet. Try to use once or twice a week to draw out excess oils and restore pores. Let it rest on your skin for a few minutes until right before it fully dries (don’t wait until it crumbles), then wash the mask off and follow with an oil-free moisturizer.

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