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This video teaches us why we all need to break free from society’s norms
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This video will inspire you to break through your own barriers

“There’s nothing more heartbreaking than to have someone you love be right there, and not be able to just reach across.” Isn’t it very heartbreaking when you cannot do or say what you want to. It’s really tough when you have to pretend what you don’t feel. Have you ever felt to remove all the barriers and show what you really feel?

The existence of barriers in the world creates a sense of helplessness. If someone or something prevents you from reaching out to the ones you love, it’s best to rid ourselves of it. In this video, a group of friends work toward turning the wall which divides the United States and Mexico totally invisible, so that loved ones on either side can feel, even for a moment, that they’re not divided anymore Have a look:

Now just for a moment, imagine your life without these barriers. Imagine a world with #withoutwalls.

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