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Waleed Zaman’s statement regarding sexual harassment lands him into trouble!

By: Aliza Tirmizi

Ever since the premiere of the ‘much awaited’ movie Teefa in trouble, looks like Teefa has brought a lot of people in trouble already. While there were protests being held at Neuplex DHA, karachi, there were protests happening outside Cinestar, Lahore.

There came a lot of celebrities who tried to deal with the enraged mob which includes Feroze Khan to name a few. While in Lahore there came this guy Waleed Zaman along with his wife who is son of Bareeze’s owner and the creative director of Kayseria brand, he walks in and when asked “why are you all supporting Teefa?” he says, “because we support sexual harassment of women.” Little did he know that this is going to get recorded and get viral on the internet.


And to top it all, the kind of explanation this dude came up with is even more cringeworthy. Firstly, if your wife was being harassed by the mob, why would you smile as shown in the video clearly? Secondly, if the mob was actually harassing your wife (which they weren’t i’m sure), are you really so low that you would claim to support sexual harassment?

The apology, the explanation you came up with, was very much obvious that you’re actually protecting your brands from any sort of backlash and not actually sorry for the unaccepted lowlife behaviour.
With the viral videos and comments coming up against this guy, looks like people are up to boycott bareeze’, kayseria and all the brands associated with it.

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