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Waqar Zaka interviews man who is accused of raping 15 year old

A mother’s video recently went viral in which she was asking for justice for her daughter’s rape who was just 15 years old.

A First Information Report (FIR) is said to be lodged against Raza Bughti in the Jauhar police station and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kaleem Imam has taken notice of the case. A committee has been formed and the head of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Azhar Mahesar is leading the committee.

A video of that mom recently went viral in which she is seen dancing with the rapist of her daughter in a car while the teenaged girl looks on.

Well, no one can blame the mother or the daughter, that is clear victim blaming.

The man should be punished for his actions.

But mothers need to be careful as to who they are exposing their children to.

Waqar Zaka interviewed the accused who put forward his own version of the story.

Apparently the man says he is being accused because the woman wants to stay in his house for free. Because he is her landlord.

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