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What do you think of Zafar’s plan as PM?

Ali Zafar has been making quite the effort to swing back into groove after a rough few years and now, he seems to be teetering on edge as a political spokesperson and a singer.

Amid the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, Zafar has turned to social media to impart some much-needed PSA’s. However, much like a lot of us, Zafar initiated a Q/A session on his Instagram during which a fan asked him what he would do as the PM in the current situation.

Looking at his response, he seems to have a solid plan in place inside his head to clamp down on COVID-19 – he has a whole list, as a matter of fact. Here’s how some of it goes:

1) He would initiate a lock-down across the country – quite smart and the need of the hour, if you ask us.

2) He would provide food for the poor affected by the lock-down – also a good step.

3) Build national consensus and work in cohesion – yeah, we wish so too!


What do think of Zafar’s plan as PM?

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