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What makes Ariana Grande worth twice as much as Beyoncé?

There is some discrepancy regarding who was paid what when it comes to Beyoncé and Ariana Grande performing at Coachella. The Blast reported that according to their sources each artist was paid the same amount for two weekends worth of shows—$4 million per show, which still bears some cause for pause as there really isn’t a comparison between the two.

Ponytail is talented, but Beyoncé she is not. So far neither camp for either artist nor Coachella, has confirmed any of the stories around the discrepancy.

The Root has reached out to representatives of Coachella for comment and will update this story as it develops.

One year later, Beychella is still on the minds of many. With the release of her new Netflix documentary, it is evident that Beyoncé has made a cultural impact on our society. The performance celebrated every facet of blackness imaginable and paid homage to those who paved the way for so many, but even after this elaborate performance, reportedly Ariana Grande was paid two times more than Beyoncé for a lackluster performance this year.

Ariana, aka “Ponytail,” was paid $8 million in comparison to Bey’s $4 million that she made the prior year. Now I am a fan of Ponytail; she can blow. But it is laughable to think that she would be on the same level as the woman who invented stamina.

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