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You have been whitening teeth wrong, your entire life
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You have been whitening teeth wrong your entire life

A dentist has revealed that the way you have been whitening teeth your entire life, is just plainly wrong. On what could we term as the most bizarre discovery, you have been ditching the health of your teeth, since the day you were born.

Dr. Ada Cooper, the mastermind behind this new research, has explained that “whitening” toothpastes don’t change a tooth’s colour, it just paints over it. These whiteners contain “abrasives” that just remove surface stains of your teeth.

Moreover, if you really want to make your teeth white and to get that sparkling glow, anything that contains a form of peroxide must be used. The peroxides are the only way through which you can change the intrinsic colour of the tooth structure. Dr. Cooper also explained that a proper teeth whitening procedure can be carried out at the hospitals and dental clinics.

Furthermore, Dr. Cooper also cautioned that the teeth whiteners are of no eternal use, by saying; “It’s important to remember that unless your teeth are healthy it doesn’t really matter how white they are.”

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