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Why are you silent?

The 20th century has seen a myriad of approaches to leadership, stemming from grassroot politics to
large scale state structures of hegemony, patriarchy and inequitable democracy. We have lived through wars and massacres at the hands of dictatorial ambitions and dreams of a New World Order. With countless men and women losing their lives, we have ushered in the new century with a world that is even more polarised and divided. Needless to say, these structures have failed because they lacked an understanding of human nature and neglected that which connects us first and foremost— our hearts.

Razia’s blog rages against this norm and advocates for leaning heavily on our ability to empathise and stand together in solidarity against tyranny. A budding writer—and an inspiring one at that—her words echo nuances of empaths who have lived through our world and struggle for the betterment of the human family. Her latest entry titled, “Why are you Silent?” is a call to action for members of this global family to come together and speak truth to power.

An empath herself, Razia opens up about her vulnerabilities and insecurities as a young student in school, tussling with her fear of public–speaking, but spurred on by a cause that resonated close to her heart. Sharing her experiences about the struggles young girls face when interacting with boys at school, she managed to push herself beyond the anxiety and dread of becoming a public spectacle and raised her voice by stepping out of her comfort zone. There was no looking back after her new found confidence, so much so, that other classmates were inspired to change their speeches and share topics close to their own hearts. In her own words she lays bare her struggles with feelings of inadequacy when saying:

“Whenever I have a moment of insecurity and thoughts like ‘your voice doesn’t matter’ or ‘nothing is going to change if you talk’, I look back to the time when I first addressed an issue in that had bugged me for some time, in front of a full class of people. And I carry on.”

Her essay concludes with a call to action for anyone and everyone looking to make a difference in the world, urging them to “actively help out” and terming it an “obligation to stand in solidarity”. But standing in solidarity is merely the first step, as she rightly states, urging her readers to speak, donate, protest and petition for the poor, the weak and the defenseless around the world. Knowing fully well the excuses and rationalizations we present ourselves with as a vindication against standing up for justice, she shares web links for numerous websites and initiatives supporting those struggling in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, as well as the plights faced by Uighur Muslims and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement in the US. Not allowing her readers to turn a blind eye to the genocides, holocausts, famines and injustices, she endorses the Free-rice gaming app sponsored by the UN World Food Programme that allows players to donate rice to families by playing a multiple– choice quiz game.

Every little counts, as they say, and Razia’s blog is helping inspire and motivate countless readers to step out of their comfort zones and shed their insecurities by speaking out and taking united action which can help the human family prosper and become advocates for the helpless.

Have a look at her blog: https://sweetserenesouls.weebly.com/

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