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World's most expensive footballer performs Umrah
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World’s most expensive footballer performs Umrah

paul pogbaThe world’s most expensive footballer Paul Pogba began the holy month of Ramadan with a visit to Islam’s holiest city Makkah. He called it the ‘most beautiful thing’ he had ever seen.

In an Instagram post, Pogba was seen wearing the white cloth of Muslims performing Umrah, where he also shared a video and an image of himself in Mecca.

It is still not known if the 24-year-old would fast in the month of Ramadan, considering he will be playing for France against Praguay, Sweden and England in June.

Pogba, who lifted the Europa League trophy with Manchester United last week, made his return to the Red Devils after four years of playing for Juventus. United shelled out £89million for the French footballer.

In an earlier post, Pogba was seen with his luggage, ready to leave for Mecca. He said that he was on his way to say his thanks for this season. He wrote, “On my way to go say thank you for this season. See you soon Manchester!”

The Frenchman will return to Old Trafford in July.

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