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World’s LAMEST wedding traditions that’ll make you thankful for being single

Are you married or single? Well, In both situations you can also relate to this but as you’re married, you’re already screwed. You decided to do this. You picked one human and decided to only do the bang-bang with them for the rest of your life. Everything considered, however, your wedding day is typically pretty fun right? There’s parties, celebrations. Typically you get to eat a lot of good food. So for the one day, you can pretend everything is going to turn out okay. But not if your parents insist that you and can’t go to the toilet for 3 days. LOL

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You heard it right!! Here’s some countries that insist on embarrassing the shit out of a couple on their wedding day. And they have to follow them. Its better to be single, NO?

Chinese Tujian Brides Cry For A Month
Apparently, the bride starts crying a whole month before her wedding. Then 10 days after she starts, her mother also starts crying. At the end of the month, all the women in her family are crying.

Masai Fathers Spit On Their Daughters Heads
Another way to apparently increase fertility. Plus, immediately after this, the mother in law shaves the bride’s head.

China Also Shoots At Their Brides
Even though the arrows that the grooms use don’t actually have any arrow heads, the fact that a poor man is expected to aim arrows at his wife is awkward enough.

Korea Beats Up It’s Grooms
Finally, someone takes it out on the poor dudes. Technically, not him entirely, just his feet. The picture looks pretty hardcore, and it should. South Korea slaps the groom’s feet down with bamboo and fish for some reason before he can be ready for his bride.

Irish Brides Can’t Lift Their Feet
Imagine you’ve just gotten married. You’re excited, you’re Irish. So maybe you want to dance and celebrate your special day. Too bad. You can’t Because a bride lifting legs is considered terrible luck by the Irish.

The Congo Won’t Let You Laugh
Awkwardest wedding pictures, I swear!

Ukraine Burns The Perso Who Set The Couple Up
Okay, not the actual person. The effigy of the matchmaker. Because they anticipate the upcoming divorce. So all you aunties you are staring me down at weddings – you have been warned. So if the love of your life proposes to you this weekend, you might wanna say no…

P.S: This is not to insult any culture or how they choose to celebrate their marriage. I’m just fascinated and a little scared. Also, even though these traditions still continue, they’ve changed over the years. CHEERS to all singles out there!

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