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Worried for your Eid outfit? Here are top designers that are affordable yet trendy to slay your look!

I am sure most of you must be sitting at your home being all lazy to go for shopping, cause every one of us went to dolmen at the starting of Ramadan and literally found nothing! I feel ya! But no worries I am here to the rescue. Trust me I have found these designers after a lot of research and going out every night with my friends just to find out the perfect EID outfit. I wanted something different yet something trendy and not that formal so I explored each and every shop of Zamzama and Defence and found out these designers.

    If you are looking for something very light and semi-formal at the same time then Hina Mirza is the best option for you. She has such light colors that made me buy all her kurtas, all pastel colors that are perfect and soothing for this summers.
  2. Generation: 
    Generation has always been on the top of my list when it comes to cuts. No one can beat Generation in that. Their cuts speak for itself and they have literally BOMB frocks to flaunt our look. This time they have come up with some traditional kurtas and frocks with those amazing prints. If you want something traditional then a frock from Generation is a must have.
  3. Maria B. :
    Though people assume that Maria B is little expensive but the collection will make you go wow. Their VIrasat collection is something what we all need for this EID. Stylish, embroidered, not so Goddy and pretty at the same time. Their white color theme has taken it all. <3
  4. Agha Noor:
    If you want something reasonable and semi-formal at the same time then Agha Noor can help you. It has chiffon little-embroidered kurtas and that too in your budget. Agha Noor has all different colors that are complementing their embroidery on it little too much. Not only they are comfortable to wear but looks stylish as well.
  5. Ethnic:
    I personally love Ethnic Kurtas. Their prints and cuts are little different than from others. Their eid collection consists of semi formal kurtas with not so heavy embroidery with different prints this time.
    Do let us know where did you get your Eid outfit from! <3

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