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Your all commands Mattered and her dreams Shattered

You saw her, met her, understood her, you found a home in her heart and loved her then you were caring, supportive, and compassionate, your all compliments turned her towards you and now, finally she became your wife. You had an incredible honeymoon that you both felt things would never change. What did you do? You actually brought her from parents who raised her all their lives, you promised her that she will be your life-partner.

Imagine, when she dreamt of you being her super-hero and you let her predicted the life would be a realization of her dreams, her desires will be respected, her passion will always exist and there will be no barrier from your side.

Now what? Those all words you threw at her touched her heart began to fade, when you became controlling. Restricted her from being what she wanted, you didn’t even ask but ordered her to throw your wants. You told her to sacrifice yourself and follow your instructions. You told her quit her job, leave all your passion behind and just stay at home cook breakfast for you when you leave home in the morning and then prepare dinner before your arrival.

Suddenly, you changed everything, your true colors brightened everywhere, and you proved that it was all fake. That love, bonding and the desires were all present just to win her heart.

You knew your parents are your responsibility, but still you passed it to her to take care of them whole day. You began to devalue her, your all commands mattered and her desires shattered. You told her to shut when she questioned ”Why you changed’’.

One day, when she raised her voice for her rights, you slapped her. In the end, you grabbed her hand, sat her in the car and drove to her parents and then you never returned…

What you became? Or is it right to say you were already like that? Your fake smiles and love put her in delusion, her mind couldn’t able to read your reality because of her innocence.

You don’t want to sacrifice for her, but you want her to sacrifice for you. You don’t want to give up your bad habits for her but you want her to give up for you. You don’t want to change for her, but you want her to change for you.

You became Chauvinist. Your misogynist nature destroyed her life. You didn’t want a Life-partner but, a Maid.

This is not what humanity says, this what our culture unfortunately, portrays. Our ancestors still teach our females the role of a wife is to sacrifice, serve then, feed them well and give them all the sex they need, and their marriages will be happy. Hence, fathers and grandfathers are still re-enforcing abusive and controlling marriage.

A wife is like a colleague and she’s important like you in that marriage, so you don’t command her to do things, you don’t just give orders, No! She is your life partner, support and the role is vice-versa. Our religion and humanity do not allow such acts by the husbands and there are severe punishment if you torture.

Therefore, respect her, care for her and fulfill the promises you made before tying the knot. Treat her like your Queen because she sees in you, Her King.

Don’t change!

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