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10 maukay jahan log toh dhoka de denge lekin PEPSI kabhi nahi!

Did somebody say PEPSI? That’s the reaction we have when we hear about Pepsi. Because why not!! When there’s food there’s PEPSI. Shaadi ho ya hang out with friends, Pepsi toh must hy. Because Pepsi has literally never let me down, and here are 10 ways how.

1. Whenever I need COMPANY, Pepsi is always a walk away

2. With Pepsi, it’s never BORING

3. It’s always fun spending WEEKEND with Pepsi than a group of friends

4. When you’re deewana in beghanay ki SHAADI, Pepsi always stays right by your side

5. Pepsi always helps your conversations. People, on the other hand, always hijack them

6. Pepsi encourages you to pour out your problems while nobody gives a DAMN

7. Pepsi will never DITCH you but your boyfriend will

8. Pepsi never HURTS your feelings

9. Pepsi isn’t JUDGMENTAL like your phupo

10. When you love Pepsi so much that you think you will end up marrying it

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