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8 things that can help you apni “biwi ka dil jeetnay kay lye”

Shaadi say pehlay har larka jaan denay kay lye bhi tayar hota hai apni bandi kay lye but jaisi shadi hojati hai kuch ulta hi scene hojata hai. Har baat jo manni par rae hoti hai!
Nakhray bhi double hojatay hain aur kharchay mai, every small thing can annoy your wife but don’t worry there are still some ways jis say ap apni biwi ka dil jeet saktay hain wo bhi beghair paisay kharch kye! wallah, aur kia chayee bhae.

1. Make sure to introduce her with good words with your friends. Magic words can do wonders.

Compliment her often. Every wife loves to be complimented no matter how hot of a mess she looks - she wants to be complimented. Tell her how perfect of a wife is.
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2. Ya thora mushkil hai but worth it, Let her go for shopping aur ap ghar mai bachay sambhalain.

2. If you have cute little children, tell her you'll take care of them so she can have some hours to herself.

3. Try to help her in house chores. She will feel for you aur khudi mana karday gi you just have to ask out.

3. If she is getting too tired lately, ask her how you can help. Run some errands for her or just lend a good listening ear.

4. Apnay hath ka khana is something she will adore too much but don’t forget the candles, lighting, flowers and the music.

4. Surprise her with a meal you have cooked. It doesn't have to be something elaborate but don't forget the candles, lighting, flowers and the music.

6.Send her a cute text message telling her how much you love her while you are at work or call her and let her know briefly that you are thinking of her.

6.Send her a cute text message telling her how much you love her, or a 30 sec phone call while you're at work. She'll be DELIGHTED!

7. Write down the all the things you love about her on sticky notes and stick them around the house…

 On sticky notes, write down the all the things you love about her and stick them around the house.. so cute!


8. Make her feel like a princess. She deserves a lot more.

10. Make her feel like a princess. Open the door for her whenever you go out.


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