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Ali Zafar steals the show with the best "Mannequin Challenge", so far!
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Ali Zafar steals the show with the best “Mannequin Challenge”, so far!

Ali Zafar has his own persona, personality, charm and style. Whatever he gets his hands on, this man completely nails it dude! And, this time around, the Rockstar took to his concert the current fad – Mannequin Challenge – and we are absolutely loving it.

During his live-in concert, the singer successfully managed to freeze 1000 people at once and made a dazzling video.

The challenge was performed while Mr. Zafar was singing his famous “Jhoom” song and suddenly the crowd freezes, soon after the video is captured, he and his fans continues with the chorus “Dill Jhoom Jhoom Challe“.

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