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What is Amir Liaquat doing these days?
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What is Amir Liaquat doing these days?

Amir Liaquat remains in the news, no matter what the situation is. With Inaam ghar, morning show, and occasional politics related controversies; we have always seen him flaunting all the limelight with perfection.

However, after the popular MQM’s division chapter, and announcement of leaving the party over Altaf Hussain’s ‘ultimate betrayal’; Amir Liaquat Hussain is nowhere to be seen.

The host-cum-actor who loved to be a part of TV channels has disappeared from the screen; without any announcement. Where is he? What is he up to these days? Why is he not hosting his regular shows? There are lotS of questions, however, he is not answering them!

But, the insider sources have it; that the popular anchor is coming back again with surprise projects. The details of the projects are yet to be revealed. However, we are sure that he would soon be making a media entry to enthrall public; once again.

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