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Another woman runs around naked in Islamabad
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Another woman runs around naked in Islamabad

A news, some time ago, of a naked woman running around the streets of Islamabad was something one can never forget. Apparently, there seems to be another woman spotted with the same bizarre action, running naked in Islamabad.

May I ask, what the hell is going on in the capital and what is the reason behind this insane behaviour? 

There is no doubt that women in our society should be given their freedom of speech, expression and growth (by means of education and professional life); but that does not, by any chance, mean to run around naked – not even in the name of ‘feminism’, that is if one wants to justify it by claiming so. No matter how modern our society grows, the cultural norms and values of our society always prefer a woman to be decently dressed and beautifully attired.

In the video going viral on digital platforms, the woman is seen to be aggressive and avoiding to be covered up, in what you may call “clothes”. Even the police officers are seen ashamed and uncomfortable. It is definitely sure that the woman filmed, is not in her rightful senses, or maybe even ill if I must say. Whatever the reason may be, I hope not to come across such an act or video again!

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