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This pro-beggar in Pakistan owns a 25K smartphone & begs digitally
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This pro-beggar in Pakistan owns a 25K smartphone & begs digitally

It seems that the phrase; “Technology has taken the world by storm” has literally been implented in Pakistan. Well, at least there is this Pakistani beggar who think that begging should be made fun with a tad bit of digital spices added to everyday life. Yes, this may sound gibberish but it is a cent ratio truth.

Khair Allah – A beggar based in Gujranwala owns a 25k high-end, high-tech smartphone and when he gets fed up of begging, he resorts to “SOCIAL MEDIA” accounts to pass his time.

Whenever Khair Allah gets bored he chats with his friends through Facebook using 3G. And the question is, “Are his friends beggars too, owning a smartphone as expensive as him?”

When contacted by a local news channel, this digital beggar hide his cell phone and laughingly refrained from commenting on the matter.

Well, it seems that begging has remained an underdog profession till now, because if you earn this much to buy a smartphone; who wouldn’t love to beg?

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