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Famous Bollywood Khan's under fire, once again!
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Famous Bollywood Khan’s under fire, once again!

In a recent conversation with a private Indian channel, Shiv Sena has once again come up with hard words for the Bollywood Khans’.

During the session, Shiv Sena aggressively stated that, while, India and Pakistan have separated from the roots; why are the Muslims still reigning over the Bollywood and Indian film industry.

He, even, stated that ‘Muslims’ shouldn’t be allowed to work in India; no matter how popular they are. Shiv Sena made it clear that the famous Khan’s should leave India and shift to Pakistan.

In the end, Sena also firmly told media that the Khan’s won’t even be accepted in Pakistan and he is sure of that.

Being a writer and a responsible journalist, I would like to make it clear for Shiv Sena that he should stop a campaign against Muslims in India; otherwise, the same Muslims would reunite to make another Pakistan within India.

Ending the note, I proudly state that Pakistan would appreciate and welcome everyone with open arms and loving gestures – who decides to leave India – be it Khans’, Indian Muslims, or any other Indian.

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