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"Some girls use boys even after their marriage" - Waqar Zaka
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“Some girls use boys even after their marriage” – Waqar Zaka

Here’s the video which Waqar Zaka made few days ago, where he planned to expose girls who use boys even after getting married. The video shows series of Snapchat clips where he is talking about some of the girls who take advantage of boys and take money from them. He even exposed one of the girl’s name in his video.

The video got viral on social media and yesterday another incident happened where Waqar Zaka got beaten up badly by some boys near Xander’s cafe. The video of him getting beaten up is all over Facebook and other social media platforms. Waqar Zaka with the help of media came forward and explained his point of view.

Was this the reason why Waqar Zaka was beaten up yesterday? Now you all have to decide which side of the story is actually true.

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