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Hollywood's leading actress accuses Imran Khan of sexual harassment on Twitter
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Hollywood’s leading actress accuses Imran Khan of sexual harassment on Twitter

Famous Australian model Lara Worthington, who is also known by the name Lara Bingle, was found accusing Pakistani former cricket star and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief, Imran Khan. But not many of us actually knew that the account of Lara Worthington was actaully FAKE!

In wake of the abrupt misunderstanding, with people beginning to create their own part of the story, Lara verified her official Twitter handle by the name Lara Worthington, which is said to be active since August 2010. However, we has come to know someone is operating a fake account by the name Lara Bingle, created in August 2017.

“1/2 Harvery Weinstein is nowhere near Pakistan’s Imran Khan whom I met in June 2013 in London. Imran Khan sexually harassed me at a party,” read the first tweet from the fake handle.

“2/2 It left me in shock. Imran Khan is a womanizer. I’m glad I never met him again. We women need to stay away from men like him & Weinstein,” read the second tweet. The tweets are also attached with a photo of Lara and Imran together.

Unaware that the Twitter handle is a fake one, many of the model’s followers were in for a shock. Some even believed it and started abusing Imran. However, most of them were quick to figure out that it was not Lara’s original Twitter account.

Similarly, a number of fans of the former cricketer also fell for the tweets and began the usual bashing of the woman..

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