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iPhone 7 caught fire
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A house in Karachi caught fire due to iPhone7

Recently, the discussion of phones catching fire is trending everywhere. When we thought that the issue has been resolved as people were not allowed to carry Samsung Note 7, a case for iPhone 7 got registered. With this thought in mind, a graduate student of a university bought an iPhone 7 to feel good with a safe gadget but it turned out to be his biggest nightmare.

He was asleep with phone on charge when accidently the room was on fire due to his phone. Most of the part of his room got severely damaged but luckily there were no injuries.

The fire was controlled after few hours of struggle. It is still undecided, whether the room caught fire because of the fluctuation or the manufacturing fault of iPhone 7. Whatever the reason is, it is requested by these phone brands to ensure the safety of their products and their esteemed clients.

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