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Kab tak jhoot phelaogay? Here is the true history of Alauddin Khilji

Bollywood directors ko history k sath khelne mein itna experience hai k kabhi Sarabjeet tou kabhi Padmavat, they know how to manipulate and lead one to think of their movie as being the true and factual story. And as Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavat is soaring in all cinema houses across the globe, the story depicted in the movie is apparently way twisted then what one may have in mind.

Aj kal jisko dekho Padmavat ki tareef kar raha hai; its direction and production, story line and acting, par kia apne yeh socha k history or asal kahani me actually hua kia tha? Well, lets just start by saying that jo movie me dikhaya wesa tou bilkul bhi nahi tha. Alauddin Khilji, who is depicted as Sultan-e-Hind, dying for a sight of Rani Padmini, so much so that he kills an entire empire-ship, was actually on the urge to conquest one of Hindustan’s wealthiest states ‘Gujrat’, which was apparently in route after ‘Rajhastan’.

History k mutabiq, Alauddin Khilji ka Gujrat tak phonchne k liye Rajhastan se jana zarori tha, aur isi liye Rajputana empire-ship pe hamla kiya, na k Rani Padmini se shaadi krne k liye! Seriously…get out of that ‘Alauddin running for a sight of Padmavati’ as she drowns herself in a pool of fire. Haan isme koi shaq nahi k Alauddin Khilji was known for his lust for warships and women, but iska yeh bhi matlab nahi jo Sanjay Leela Bhansali ne dikha diya.

There is no doubt that the entire movie, from its cast to direction, production to total outlook was phenomenal but playing with the history and depicting Muslims as nothing but wild creatures running after women is nothing less then just plain idiocy.

Humari government ko esi movies k against strict action lete hue ban kr dena chaye, aur promote krna chaye wo content jo factual ho aur humare religion & culture ko damage na kare. In fact, our directors and producers should also script out such content that supports our army, religion and historical victories that will highlight our strong image in front of our arch rivals across the border.

Ab bus bohat hogya! Ab waqt hai khud bhi kuch karne ka! Kab tak commercial based, romantic, cheap humor aur copy paste content pe kam krengy? Hume chaye k hum wo asal chehra dikhaye logo ko apni movies and growing cinema k through jo Bollywood kr raha hai unfortunately jhoot aur history ko ghalat tareeqay se depict krte hue.

Wake up Pakistani directors and highlight what needs to be shown & told to the world!

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