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Kabhi socha hai Meera Jee school main teacher hoti toh kya hota?

Meera Jee k sense of humor or unki angrezi skills ki toh kya hi baat hai. Lekin have you ever thought agar Meera Jee school main teacher hoti toh kya hota? Or is se zyada kya hota k us school k bachon ka future barbaad hota. Here are some situations in which Meera would have responded in her own style!

  1. How to make you quiet
    1. When there is too much noise in the class
  2. When you’re not focusing on what sh is saying 
    11. When you are not concentrating in class and looking out the window
  3. How to teach you manners 
    10. When she is giving some simple instructions
  4. When she is giving you punishment 
  5. When she is angry on you 
    8. When you get low grades and she wants your parents' signature
  6. When she borrow a pen from you 
  7. When she is on angry mode
    6. When she is not feeling well
  8. She knows how to give instructions 
    5. When the class is getting too suffocated
  9. When she doesn’t like your group 
    4. When your friend's group is misbehaving and she needs to punish
  10. You can take permission only in her style
    2. When you say "CAN I go to the washroom?"

I feel Meera Jee agar teacher hoti toh we would have enjoyed alot. School bunk karne ka koi sochta hi nahi! 😀

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