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Keep your relationship Private and off of Social Media
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Keep your relationship Private and off of Social Media

Social media has become so important to us that it now has the power to destroy relationships. Whether those relationships were solid or not is another topic. Having a relationship in the age of social media is tricky

Before I continue on I would like to say that if you need to run to social media to check on your partner you already picked the wrong person. Social media isn’t the problem most of the time, the person you are with is just simply wrong for you.

Social media has now become a potential tool to scrutinize a person and recent studies corroborate this very notion.

A meal is not personal, your love life is. In many non-established relationships it’s the way for some to feel accepted. To some women sometimes it’s a way of saying “hey look at me, I finally found someone who likes me.” To some guys it’s a “hey I got me a nice chick this time, I’m the man.” In many ways it can be of no substance just validation to feed insecurities.

At the end of the day, what you share on social media is your call. You’re in control. And what’s right for some people isn’t necessarily right for everyone.

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