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Man marries his 12 year old niece by calling it a doll game

Child marriage is as yet an unforgiving reality Indians are confronting and enduring. Still in many parts of the nation, who knows right this moment, a girl (who’s not by any means 18) may get offered under family weight and even its prospect is influencing our hearts to break.

However, there is a 12-year-old whose affliction has stunned us deeply. The episode has become known from Madhya Pradesh’s Guna locale, where an uncle deceived his twelve-year-old niece into wedding him after his better half left him.

The charged, an occupant of Sayaadehpura region of Guna, Razak Khan is the casualty’s auntie’s significant other, subsequently uncle (mausa). The casualty had gone to her maternal grandparents’ home from Rajasthan’s Chavda area.

As per the News 18 report, after his better half left him, Khan chose to wed his niece. He persuaded her to go to her nani’s home with the goal that he could execute his plans of marrying her.

In presence of his father Raees Shah who acted as guardian, brother Abdul who acted as a lawyer, and Imans Haafiz Zahid, Ashfaq Ali and Afsar Ali, Razak married the young girl at the house. To show the marriage as legal, they changed her age from 12 to 18 years old.

They revealed to her that they were playing doll marriage, and she trusted them. Following two months of being bolted up inside the house, the girl had no contact with her family. At the point when the little girl didn’t return home, the mother got stressed. It was at that point, she was educated by her mom that the casualty was hitched to Khan.

The mother went to Guna and with the assistance of the police, protected the girl from the denounced’s place. After observing her mom, the poor girl cried unremittingly and told them everything.

The man has been captured under POSCO Act and a few areas of the Indian Penal Code. His accessories are in police guardianship as well.

That girl simply needed to spend her vacation at her nani’s place but in return got to  experience the horrendous groundbreaking background. What was her fault?

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