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Massive action on Private Schools
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Massive action on Private Schools

With the recent blog that had been published on www.monthlybrands.com.pk, a fire sparked among the students and the parents with regards to the high school fees and weird attitude of the administrative staff.


The blog has anticipated students and parents to take action against these private schools who are running a money business in the name of literacy and quality education. According to the response and feedback we attained, many individuals have said to gathered with the objective to speak out against this system for the betterment of the people and the future of their children. They have said to come out on the streets soon and have their rights be given to them without the demand of any extra money or raised fees notification.

The campaigners have said that they would request the private school owners and association at large to stabilize the fee structure and develop a healthy environment between the staff, administration, students and parents.

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