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Na America main na Hindustan main, dil wale toh hain sirf Pakistan main!

Terrorism ki baat aye toh sab se pehle sab ko Pakistan yaad ata hai. Nobody talks about positive things and people of Pakistan. Pakistan ki economy barbaad hai, Pakistan main terrorist bohat hain, Bhatta khori bohat hai, Pakistan main koi future nahi hai. But isi Pakistan main log ek dosre ko jane bina madad karna insaniyat samjhte hain. Let us show you another positive side of Pakistan.

We don’t hesitate to share some money with needy ones on street Whenever we come across a face that could do with change, we don't hesitate sparing some!

Road per accident huwa dekh kar ambulance se pehle log madad karne ajate hainWhen there's a mishap and strangers offer to take you to the hospital in their car, rather wait for an ambulance!

When your car breaks down and a stranger comes to help you out!When your car breaks down and some super-mechanical engineer/car specialist just pops up to help!

Neighbours are more like a familyWhen you're moving or have a death in the family - neighbours love sending food (especially in Ramadan).

Pakistanis will never let you fight on the streetPakistanis will never let you fight on the street. They'll always go for the compromise way!


Uber wala ho ya rickshaw wala, they will return your wallet/phone/CNIC at home Strangers sending back or returning your wallet/phone/nic - happens a lot!

Fund raising or donation, a TV show is enough to raise money for the needyStrangers call on TV shows to donate money for the needy - a great Pakistani platform to raise money.

There’s free food on the streets for hungry and needy peopleWhen there's a Langar anywhere, everybody gets to eat - nobody stays hungry!

Carolla main bethe hon ya khyber main, somebody will always be behind your car guiding you the way! Even if you have a back-camera installed, somebody will always be behind your car guiding you! Pakistani way.

Khud chahe bike per hon lekin they can’t see a woman’s dupatta stuck in the doorNo Pakistani can watch a woman's dupatta stuck in the door - they must tell and help!

Its time to realize that Pakistan is full of nice people & positivity!

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