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"Om Puri ended up where he belonged!" - Shiv Sena
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“Om Puri ended up where he belonged” – Shiv Sena

Legendary actor Om Puri’s death took everyone by surprise across the world. According to Indian media reports, the actor was found dead on his kitchen floor after which he was rushed to the hospital and declared dead. However, not soon after the death of Om Puri the expected and unexpected statement came by none other than Shiv Sena.

“Om Puri ended up where he belonged,” – Shiv Sena. Considering the fact that there came numerous speculations of Om Puri studying Islam, it may have just costed the actor his life. We all are aware about Shiv Sena and its extreme reactions against Islam and particularly Pakistan.

There is no doubt that Om Puri had been receiving threats for his undying love & respect for Pakistan and Islam; unfortunately it seems as though this love led him to his eternal rest.

As far as RAW is concerned, it has always been quiet when it comes to Shiv Sena and their party’s wrongdoings, and why would it be hard to accept that something similar has happened here as well? All I would like to say is that it is not difficult for RAW to show someone died as a result of ‘heart attack’, and Om Puri may have just had one of those ‘heart attacks.’

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