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This is what happened outside Neuplex, be safe!

Jealousy can sometimes cost you a lot. Everyone is some what jealous of another person’s victory or achievements, it’s natural but then there are limits to such jealousies. It’s funny how people find different ways to take revenge from people! The reason why I am saying this is because yesterday an incident happened outside Neuplex cinema.

Shayan Naseem shared the incident in Halaat Updates. Here is what happened with him:

Shayan said, “Parked my car at nueplex parking lot last night at 7:45pm. The parking was dimly lit so I didn’t see it at first, until I reached home. The person who did this has no idea how lucky they are……

Edit : To those who are assuming it’s because of wrong parking, I have seen people double park their cars blocking others. 
So I always make sure to park right next to the wall so that others are not affected and my car wouldn’t get blocked as well.

Shayan noticed this when he reached home. Or else he must have figured out who was the person behind this.

Whoever did this should know that a person really works hard to earn and you never know what kind of situation they are going through in life. Even if they can afford to repair the damage still it is really sad to see such kind of people damaging other people’s property. We still don’t know if this was because of jealousy or by any kid. Everyone out there are asked to stay safe and be careful while parking your cars outside Neuplex or anywhere else. These jerks are everywhere.

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