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This Pakistani is Ranveer Singh's alter-ego & we can't get over him!
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This Pakistani is Ranveer Singh’s alter-ego & we can’t get over him!

Yes, you have read the title completely right. Pakistan has its own Ranveer Singh’s doppelganger and you seriously won’t be able to get over his good looks and charm.

Hammad Shoaib is a 20-year-old A-levels graduate who lives in Faisalabad and looks EXACTLY like Ranveer Singh! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

Yes, the left one is definitely Ranveer!

If that wasn’t enough to prove how Ranveer-esque he is, see these:

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

A photo posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

And, oh man! His dance skills are almost drool-worthy and remind us of Mr. Singh more than ever:

A video posted by Hammad Shoaib (@hammadshoaib1) on

We must agree that similar to Ranveer or not, this man has got some seriously tough looks. And, we are sure that he must be enjoying his fame. However, it remains to be seen if Hammad Shoaib or Viral Pakistani Ranveer Singh manages to get recognition in India or not.

As Arshad Khan’s liking for SRK went across the border, we can only wait to see when will the real Ranveer be able to see his doppelganger. Till then, you all keep cherishing his hot looks.

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