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Was Qandeel Baloch murdered over child's custody?
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Was Qandeel Baloch murdered over child’s custody?

According to our sources it has now been confirmed that Qandeel Baloch was murdered over child’s custody.

If we go back to the time, when the news of her being married to Aashiq Hussain surfaced on the social media; Qandeel came forward and revealed that she was not only married to Aashiq Hussain but also had a child.

“He never told my kid I am his mom. It was a forced marriage,” she further stated.

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Our reporter had an exclusive conversation with Qandeel Baloch on 13th July, 2016. Listen to this recording:

Keeping in mind, she was murdered two days after this recording, on 15th July, 2016. This audio clearly answers a lot of questions. Was she murdered because she wanted her child’s custody?

According to her brother, he killed her because of honour, which is some what true but we can’t ignore the timing when Baloch’s husband came forward to media and exposed his marriage. Baloch’s ex husband, Aashiq was also in contact with Waseem, chances are he must have provoked Waseem to help him in murdering Qandeel. The only and easy way to provoke a brother to kill his own sister is to emotionally blackmail him. And see how brutally Waseem murdered his own sister in the name of Honour. But, this audio recording, somewhat, explains the real reason why she was murdered.

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