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Sacha Best-Friend wohi hai jo kabhi bhe ditch karde!

Ek dost hi hota hai jo har majboori main, bure wakt main, har secret main apke saath hota hai! Phir chaahe dunya apka saath chor de. Lekin jab wohi dost apko bina bataye shaadi karle, toh apko lagta hai “dost dost na raha!

Here are some other reasons jab apka apna hi dost apko ditch karay or apke pass jeene ki koi wajah hi na rahay!

When you’re waiting anxiously for a phone call at 12:00 AM on your birthday, magar apka dost apko Facebook or Whats app per wish karay

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Jab dost ki shaadi hojaye or apko dene k liye time hi na rahe!

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When you got to know that your friend had a baby and you’re like: “Mujhe bataya tak nahi?”"You had a baby, and you didn't even bother telling me that you were expecting"?!?!

When your Best friend comes from abroad and you expect him/her to call you first and when they don’t, you’re like… You want to call a friend that you haven't spoken to in ages, but you don't, thinking that he/she should have called me first.

When your Best Friend make a plan with friends and forget to invite you and you’re like: “Mujhe kaise bhool gaya?”Related image

Jab dost apni shaadi per phone kar k invite karay. When you expect someone to bring you a shaadi ka card at home but instead, they invite you through a phone call.

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