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Social media sensation Ava Ryan

Ava Ryan, the fiercely little girl now became a sensation on social media world because of her strong humor that always gives the sense to an adult talk.

She is honest, she is hilarious, she is savage, she makes sense and she knows her remarkable talent. Her social media story lines begin when her mother Katie started recording her daughter’s adorable romp, is followed by almost 1 million people. Since then, she’s blown up into viral superstardom.

She’s been the center of various Buzzfeed, like this recent one from reporter Lauren Yapalater who dubbed her the “Queen of Vines.” Or the list entitled “25 Times Ava Ryan from Vine embodied your soul.”

She is half grown up and half baby, her recent work debuted with W Magazine to show off some of the top fall trends for fashion week will shock your soul out – have a look.

We can see her a next dream girl in Hollywood bossy, sassy, stylish – Keep Slaying Ava!

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