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Son of Osama bin Laden is an intern at the World Trade Center
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Son of Osama bin Laden is an intern at the World Trade Center

After 5 years of the capture and execution of Osama bin Laden, it has been verified that one of his 24 children is in fact an intern at the World Trade Center, the building that his father was blamed of having struck down with the two hijacked planes on September 11, 2001.

Osama’s son, James al-Sadah, formerly named Omar bin Laden (son to the youngest wife of Osama bin Laden) is currently an intern at SecurTek, a Riyadh-based software security agency owned by his uncle, Muhammad Ibn al-Sadh.

Son of Osama bin Laden is an intern at the World Trade Center

“My mother was forced by her father to marry Bin Laden in 2000, but she soon fled from Yemen while she was pregnant with me, she was a fighter and still is,” said James.

According to James, his mother always told him that, “My father was already dead in 2001, so all that news about him being killed in 2011 is just CIA propaganda. He had to be constantly plugged to a dialysis machine in a top Dubai hospital months before he succumbed to kidney failure.”

“It is the ultimate offense that she changed my last name from bin Laden to al-Sadh, it shows how much she hated and despised the old man,” he recalled. “When we immigrated to the U.S. years later, never did she mention his name ever again,” he told reporters.

“She was born in 1982 and was forced to marry him at 18. I’m glad she took the risk of taking us away from Yemen and bringing us to America. Even today, many of her family members will not talk to her because of what she did,” James added, visibly saddened by the whole affair.

“I never met my father and have never had any desire of doing so, but my mother always told me he had died in 2001 anyways, months before I was born, so there was never any chance I could have met him anyways.”

Sources: World News Daily Report 


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