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Sushmita Sen's shocking video of reciting Quran resurfaces on internet
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Sushmita Sen’s shocking video of reciting Quran resurfaces on internet

From time and again it has been proved that Islam carries a strong hold on people around the world. The captivating stories, the beautifully mesmerizing Ayats are all the person needs to hear in order to understand the power of this religion. And now, after Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen has also startlingly confessed her love for the religion and the peace it offers.

Though many of you must have already seen this video, as it date backs to years ago, it has once again surfaced on the internet as Ramazan Kareem approaches. People are once again sharing it all across the web with captions that beautifies our religion.

It is heart warming to see that not only did Sushmita wishes a Happy Ramazan to everyone, but also recited “Surah Al-Asr” with ease and finesse. This clearly shows her research on Quran and how much she is impressed by our religion.

We can only hope with firm believe that one day our religion would captivate the entire humanity, as it did to these Bollywod bigwigs.

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