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She talked about being harassed on New Year’s eve and people started bashing her instead!

We all went out to celebrate this New Year’s celebration all across the country, fire works, dinners, family gatherings or with friends, sab ki khushi ka level is dafa kuch ‘over the moon’ tha. And man wasn’t that less excitement enough! New Year ki baat thi aur sabko bus Bahria Town dimagh me tha, definitely the celebration we were all looking to enjoy.

Esa hi kuch hua ek larki ke sath, who went out with her cousins to celebrate the New Year but wahan jo hua was not what she had wished to come across. Bahria Town Lahore me New Year celebrate krne ke gaye but wahan ki bhooki awaam aurat dekh ke pagal hogyi!

This is her story:

And this is how unfortunately disgusting our people think and so commented:

Women equality se shuru hogye log….matlab New Year celebration are only for men to enjoy…?!

And the “Larki ko raat me nahi nikalna chaye” comment

Kuch log gender hi discuss karne agye….are they even sane?

Larki harass hui, magar phir bhi zehniyat larki ki kharab thi….what a joke!

Aur phir aye kuch log Lahore Karachi ka comparison karne….I mean seriously?!

Afsos hota hai ke log kitnay be-sharam aur be-his ho chukay hain ke ek aurat ki izzat jaanna hi bhool gaye hain. Harassment jese issue ko bhi nahi chora aur Lahore Karachi ka comparison shuru kardia, I mean are we even in our senses? Konsay Quaid e Azam ke Pakistan ki baat krte hai hum? Hukumat ko bura bolne mein hamesha agay hote hai magar ye kabhi nahi dekhte ke khud kitne paani me hai.

We feel sorry for this girl and hope that she may move forward easily in life with the unfortunate event that she had to suffer on the night of New Year 2018, whether Lahore or Karachi, at the end of the day it was all about a girl being harassed and we are supposed to stand for her instead bash her for living in Lahore or for being born a girl.

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