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The Bollywood movie which influenced a 16-year-old in committing murder for easy money.

Have you ever thought about the movies that you see with your kids, which can lead them to attempt a murder?

A 16 years old boy kidnapped a five year old girl and murdered her for ransom of 20 lakhs. The boy stated that he was inspired by the action Bollywood movies to commit crime for easy money.

He kidnapped the girl while she was playing near his neighborhood in a small village of India “Ambala”. He killed the girl when he realized cops were on his trail.

The boy drowned her in a water tub and kept her body inside an air-cooler. He asked for 20 lakhs from the father of the girl who owns a photo-copy shop in the village.  It astonishes how a 16 year boy could be so influenced by the crime scenes; and this shows the sign of danger to the movie industry that they should be considering their content.

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