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This guy will make your #mindcrunch
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This guy will make your #mindcrunch

By: Zainab Agha

“Mera mind itna zyada crush hogaya hai… itna zyada crunch.”

The Legend Nouman Khan can’t seem to get over politicians like Nawaz Sharif and college sweetheart Bilawal Bhutto.

The self-proclaimed entertainer, actor and model has come out with love letters from his Oxford days by Bilawal. “I come soon and meet you,” says Nouman.

Right now the frontrunner in Nouman’s life is Nawaz Shareef, for whom he has even taken to Facebook in a tearful video on how he wants Imran Khan to stop calling him.  “I can do anything for Nawaz Sharif, I can die for him!” We aren’t spooked because he loves him from “the death of my heart.”

Who can blame him? Check out the strip dance now.

#mindcrunch much?

Nouman’s life is a series of Breaking News, so vital that they can’t not be shared with the world. We just want to know one thing, what’s with the plump lips dude, and is it weird that we want to know where can we get whatever it is that you are using?

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